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We do our best to provide Convenient locations and hours through our Partner Storefront Locations. In order to cover the cost of travel to and from our Workshop in North Saint Paul, Drop Offs scheduled at our Minneapolis location and Edina location are subject to a $10 convenience charge. 


If you do not Pick Up your scooter, or communicate within 72 hours of being Invoiced and/or Quoted, a $1 per day storage fee will apply. This and the below do NOT apply if we are currently working on your scooter, are in between processes, or have yet to contact you.


After the initial invoice and text message, we will do our best to remind you to Pick Up your scooter. In addition, if you are unresponsive, or leave your scooter after an invoice or Quote is sent, for more than 21 days, we take full right to take possession over your scooter.


If you are given a written Quote and do not accept it, there will be a $10 charge for providing a written Quote.  


If you would like an In-Home Service or an At-Home Pick Up, we do provide this! The cost of travel is based on the cost of an Uber+30% and then adding $.60 per mile, round trip. 

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