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This is a warning to EVERYONE who currently participates in the electric scooter market. 

In general, right now, most scooters are made by the same group of Manufacturers, sold to the same few conglomerates, that are in charge of private labelling multiple different brands. These companies are the "good" guys right now. Although their customer service is decent, they lack detailed Quality checks, proprietary designs, and they also watch over online forums with great intensity to make sure there is no negative press; Literally banning anybody who does speak negatively. 

That being said, there are some specific brands in mind that have been difficult to work with due to either: poor engineering/design, low quality components, proprietary software, absolute lack of customer service, and/or parts.  

These names include: Joyor, Hiboy, Segway, Jetson, and Hover-1.

Please do your best to stay away from these companies. Although Segway is extremely popular, their scooters have a proprietary sort of software that makes Diagnosis and subsequent Repair EXTREMELY difficult. If one Repair works, it's possible that another issue will pop up.


If you bring in a Joyor, Hiboy, Segway, Jetson, or a Hover-1, scooter, please do not be surprised if the Quote to Repair is high. These scooters can be very difficult to Repair. 

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